A Microsoft Word template for the abstract should be downloaded from the conference website. The direct link to the template is The submission should contain paper title, names and affiliations of authors, and an abstract which should not exceed 250 words.

All papers should be submitted in MS Word format using the approved template available at A more verbose version of the template available at includes detailed instructions on how to use it. The following sections are recommended for papers:
Abstract: The abstract should not exceed 250 words, immediately before the beginning of the paper.
Title: The title should be capitalized and be as brief as possible.
Authors’ names and affiliations author’s name(s) and address(es) including the e-mail address of corresponding author.
Keywords: Maximum of six words, e.g. Mechanization, simulation, traffic congestion, intelligence, and energy source
Introduction: This should contain clearly stated objectives, justification for the study, and a brief review of literature.
Theoretical development: This should be included where appropriate
Experimental Procedure: This should state how major measurement were done and the degree of accuracy (if any). Sufficient information should be provided to permit replication of the experimental work
Results and discussions: These should be pertinent to the work done and should clearly indicate the degree of reliability of the results.
Conclusion: These should succinctly summarize any important conclusions emerging form the work.
Acknowledgement (if any)
Notations: Special symbols defined and used in the text should be indicated.

The detailed conference referencing style guide is available online at . The use of a reference management package is strongly recommended. Authors should download the style template from and import it into their reference manager (Zotero Standalone is recommended). A how-to guide to using Zotero Standalone and Microsoft Word is available at .

Heading and Sub-Heading: Section headings should be in all-uppercase letters, while sub-headings should have only the first letter of major words capitalized. Section and sub-section numbers will be automatically generated on applying the 1_section and 1_subsec styles respectively.
Tables: A table should contain enough information to understand it without reference to the text. A table should be placed as soon as possible after the paragraph in which it is first mentioned. A caption should be placed at the top, and formatted using the 1_table_caption style, which will automatically generate a table number.
Figures: Figure captions should be clear, precise and placed below the figure. The style 1_figure_caption should be applied to figure captions. This will automatically generate figure numbers.
Equations: Equations should be distinctly typed or written with subscript or superscripts clearly indicated, preferably using Equation Editors. Avoid powers of “e” and use “exp”. Equations should be centred on the line, numbered consecutively by Arabic numerals in parenthesis at the right margin. In the text, such equations should be cited as Equation (1) etc.
Units: S.I. Units should be used.

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